Staff List

Who Are We?

We are a talented group of individuals who are always willing to help people out! Our team of staff are knowledgeable in many areas and should be able to help you with any problems you may have. Have a glance below and get to know those friendly people who are always willing to help you out!




cool_stars_apertureTCGM is one of the owners and founders of the GateCraft server. He also founded GateCrafters as a gaming group. TCGM is the resident Techie of GCers, making sure everything runs perfectly. He is brilliant with redstone, often busting out contraptions others dream of with the simplest of ease. TCGM hails from his fortress of redstone traps in sunny California, USA.



SlimSladey is the second of the owners and third of the founders of the GateCraft server. He is a very nice guy, and though not around a lot, when he is present he is great at balancing the raging forces that are Willstan and TCGM. He resides in Illinois.



Willstan (Qrave)

An odd member of the staff who somehow managed to get admin in a very short time. Often found in tall grass and needs ultra ball or above to capture. Has recently become a Co-Owner, along with CaCaMorselz (le Steve)




trevorball96 (Alinaru)

An admin who can fix simple issues. He was originally brought into the server by TCGM and while learning how to use admin commands he crashed the server 27 times…. Anyway he is one of the nicest admins and can devote a lot of his time to help anyone with issues. He also looks like Thor.



A younger member of the team who is branching out into the world of YouTube gaming channels as well as starting to dabble in the arts of game design. Vaatia enjoys playing FPS and RPG games such as Call of Duty and Skyrim in his free time. He has spent countless hours on Minecraft as well.





















deathnote12311, or DN as he is known to GCers, is one of the founders of the GateCraft server. He lives in Canada. Weirdly, he dislikes hockey…



DJParadox is like GateCraft’s long-lost deadbeat uncle. He was part of the original team… A really long, long time ago. But now, finally, he has returned with a brand new server of his own. DJParadox is the owner of BitStorm Survival, and is an old friend to the GateCrafters community. He is, in fact, an actual DJ (his SoundCloud can be found at, and the reason for his extended disappearance can be accounted for by the recent opening of his mobile DJing firm, Citrus DJ. DJParadox’s Minecraft creations tend to reflect his zany sense of style and his fixation on dischordant non-sequitorial madness. Yes, the BitStorm spawnpoint is one such monstrosity.